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A while back I took Cowgirl-Red to Woodward Oklahoma to  a Women's Ranch Rodeo.  It was sponsored  by a local cowboy church and sanctioned by the WRRCA. They both put on western events throughout the year but this one is very dear to my heart.  These are my home girls.  My tribe.

 Womens Ranch Rodeo

These are 4-woman teams of real cowgirls. Real punchy. The punchiest I've ever seen.  Each team represents a ranch and competes in all the real life ranch events.  They dragged calves. They sorted and loaded trailers. They roped..... a lot. They headed and healed. They even mugged steers and tied them down.  It was awesome!!  



It was exciting.


It was ....... efficent!   That's a funny word for this but here is my observation.


Cowboys (men) can get away with "man-handling" most situations with horses and cattle and make it look easy. Cowgirls (Women) have a different touch because of nature. It's a fact that we aren't as strong and big as men. These cowgirls used so much finesse and teamwork it was inspiring.  It was like a well rehearsed dance.  They knew what to do and where to be. They finessed their horses and ropes to get the job done in fast timed with what looked like a stress free experience for the cattle.  EFFICIENT



One thing I have discovered is that these ladies are a true testament to sportsmanship.... They ride good horses. They are confident and humble about their abilities. They encouraged and supported each other. They were all class.  


I'm humbled and proud to be part of their tribe.  



I was honored to be able to award a custom Cowgirl-Red jacket to the "Top Hand" along with a $100 bill.  


See you at the next one!

Love,  Cowgirl-Red






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