The Story of Cowgirl-Red



.My Posse

I am a Cowgirl, Artist …… Goddess of the Plains.

My life is my canvas. The world is my community.

Hello Cowgirl friends! I am constantly changing, evolving and revolving. My life purpose, my passions, my place and my legacy are always in motion.  It’s difficult to single out one “Purpose” or one “About” statement. But here goes....


I am a cowgirl. A city born, sorority raised, fashion-artista. Turned CPA. Now resting comfortably in my authentic self. I’m a Cowgirl, Artist, and Goddess. Queen of this Ranch. 

I design and make customized jean jackets for cowgirls. You may have seen me at one of my events. I’ve been hanging out with my home girls at Ranch Rodeos, Ultimate Horse Competitions, Cattle Dog Trials, Ranch Sortings, Cuttings. If it involves some punchy cowgirls, horses, and cowdogs, I’m probably there. Stop in  and say HI!

I don’t have a brick & mortar store. I’m a traveling circus. If you’ve seen a jacket you like on Facebook or Instagram  and would like to talk to me about making one, send me a message.

Now I have this re-vamped website and store with my original, one-of-a-kind designs for sale. It's a work in progress. It takes a village. I’d rather be sewing.

Each jacket is unique. From my vast collection of vintage western fabrics and trim. 

Thanks for looking!

Cowgirl-Red is more than a brand. It’s a state of mind. It's a style of life.

So trust me. Trust yourself. Saddle up and come along for the ride. 


Love, Terah aka Cowgirl-Red